My name is Faith Merrill / Office Manager Diagnosis is Plantar Fasciitis, Calcaneal Spur, and Morton’s Neuroma all on the left foot severe pain and burning and I’ve used Ibuprofen 800 mg and Ice and being on it everyday it wasn’t helping and defiantly not going to help with the kidneys, so I suffered everyday with this Severe pain on a daily basis. Then we had a Company come in and share their product with Pahrump Podiatry per Dr. Pourziaee D.P.M. the owner . Lara our RN tried to have me rest my foot on an ice pack and I’d be in tears. So when we had our meeting with Francisco and Cody on the Qtopix product line Lara insisted that I be the person to try out the Products. Well with in 15 minutes I had no pain and I actually walked on my Left foot . No more walking on the side of my foot. I was SOLD right then and there. I’m a very Skeptical person but WOW not anymore. I take the drops every am and I use the Balm on my left foot where my Morton’s Neuroma is. February 11,2021 is when Francisco and Cody were at our Office. The Balm I also use a small amount on my Temples and at the back of my Head for Headache and any Tension and I’ve been sleeping so peacefully. I have been able to Ride my horses and walk on the gravel with no pain Yippee.

Faith Merrill
Manager | Pahrump Podiatry

My uncle sent me Qtopix oil and balm and asked that I do a review. I couldn’t see a testimonial section on your site but I give full permission to post the following:

I am a 36 years old mother of two who suffers from Hashimoto’s disease and type 2 diabetes. I have struggled with pain for many years and used ibuprofen to dull the ache at great risk to my liver. When my uncle told me about Qtopix , I wasn’t sure but was willing to try it. Not only has it lessened my Neuropathy and made sleeping so much easier; it has killed my migraines and kept me from needing any other med for my anxiety or pain. To add to the benefits, I have a daughter with autism. Since beginning the tincture her mood swings have gone down and her sleep has improved. This is a product I’m proud to promote and use daily. I highly suggest anyone with chronic pain use this amazing resource to regain your you!

Britt Jordan

I’m in Qtopix Heaven!

Two years ago, I started getting terrible pain in the top of my right foot, which annoyed me as I love walking. I went to a foot doctor who told me my cartilage had worn away and I was almost bone on bone. There were two alternatives, have the bones fused, which would take ten months to heal, or put up with it and take painkillers.

Being mostly holistic in my life and preferring my homeopathic doctor to anyone else, I decided to try CDB. I investigated the most recommended for pain and tried various
creams, oil, and balms, but nothing seemed to work well enough.
The pain got worse, and then a doctor, who told me my foot was becoming arthritic,
recommended Qtopix.

I called the number and had fantastic service from Fransisco, who could hear my pain and spent time on the phone with me. He recommended the balm. 

Photo: Qtopix

He suggested I also get the oil and mix a small amount of the balm in the palm of my hand with a dropper of the oil, mix, and massage into the painful area and take a dropper of the oil under your tongue.  By the way, the tip he gave about massaging in for 30 seconds was a big thing for me.

Photo: Qtopix

Well, Qtopix has changed my life.  I put it on morning and night, and the pain relief is fantastic!

What Makes Qtopix Different?

The combination of plant-based ingredients, coconut-derived MCT oil, and medical-grade broad-spectrum CBD works.
I love that this is a family-owned and operated business who have done their Homework in natural healing.

Annie Challis

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