Staying On Track & Motivated At Home

Staying active and motivated at home can be difficult in times of stress and limited workout options. By keeping yourself accountable, utilizing household items and practicing recovery with CBD infused products, you can stay on track with your fitness goals while boosting your mood & lowering stress!

Staying accountable while staying home is difficult for many but by purchasing a whiteboard for your wall or fridge, you can remind yourself to stay active and positive every day. Journaling your workouts and food intake is another great way to streamline motivation and keep your body moving daily!

If you’re missing the weights at the gym, try using household items or lifting furniture found in your home! Weighs are often very pricey online and can run upwards of a few hundred dollars for a complete set on certain online retailer’s websites. Household items are a great way to add weight to your workout routine and for reference, a gallon water jug weighs 8.4 pounds and 5-gallon water weighs a whopping 41.7 pounds! If you are looking to supplement your leg routine and need a heavier weight than water jugs or books, lifting your couch is a great substitute for front squats and deadlifts, heavier coffee table books can be used for your arms as well! Before lifting heavy, it is always a great idea to talk to your doctor or trainer to see what workout methods and substitutes fit your goals and lifestyle!

Running outside or walking up and downstairs is an incredible way to get outside and also get your heart moving! If you like to track your workouts or calories but do not have a tracker such as Fitbit or Apple watch, this calorie burn calculator from Runners World is a great way to keep reaching your peak and staying on track with your goals!

While working out at home or outside might not be your norm, maintaining your recovery routine is crucial to feeling your best! By stretching and massaging sore limbs with a CBD rich massage oil or applying a CBD gel, sore limbs are minimized and CBD’s anti-inflammation properties allow you to workout pain-free the same day if you’d like! CBD helps your body recover faster and reduces pain and inflammation without any side effects while promoting additional muscle growth!

Staying on track with your fitness regime and taking care of your mind & body is necessary and improves your mood in times of stress! By taking 30 minutes out of your day to do a quick workout at home, walk or run around the block and keeping yourself accountable while practicing the best recovery methods, you can de-stress, build muscle, boost mood and reach your peak!

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