Keeping Healthy & Sane During Tough Times

Spending time with yourself is scarce in the rapidly-paced 21st century and unfortunately, a worldwide tragedy is a horrible situation for humanity, however, gratitude and kindness are positive coping skills that brighten not only your day but others. In times of chaos, staying calm and listening to your body is of utmost importance, while stress levels rise and isolation is recommended by every news outlet and government source, self-care has it’s a moment to shine. Looking on the bright side in hard times allows us to grow and a chance to reflect on where you are in that moment and where you want to go in the future. Be kind to others, and most importantly yourself to remain calm, happy and most importantly, healthy.


Drawing a bath is considered a luxury of time by many, taking the time to run the water, grabbing a glass of your favorite beverage and a good book is an unlikely occurrence during the week or possibly an entire month for high-stress lives of the digital & social age. With gatherings in public places recommended to be limited as much as possible, bars and restaurants closed, leaving your home has never been easier and allows the time needed to focus on yourself to keep yourself and others as healthy as possible.


A hot bath has been reported to also release the same happy endorphins, serotonin, as the sun while also improving your lungs by adding a minimal amount of pressure to increase oxygen flow and total lung capacity. With gyms being closed it’s a relief that a bath also has been proven to burn the same amount as a 30-minute brisk walk, around 140, due to your heart working harder to adjust to the hot water. Add in a calming CBD infused bath salts, complete with lavender helps your stress levels lower and cease anxiety caused by worrying events going on outside.


Anxiety is now at an all-time high nationwide due to contradicting news brought in by close to every media outlet and a never-ending conversation everywhere you turn due to the coronavirus. However, CBD is a natural and non-addictive method to cope with anxiety and can be implemented at any point within the day on a per need basis. Further, CBD aids insomnia and removes late-night worries while intensifying REM cycles for deep rest to wake up refreshed. By adding a few drops of CBD oil in your water, tea or coffee, the recommended CBD tincture dosage is half of a MX sport dropper, 16.5mg for first-time consumers or one full dropper, 33mg for experienced consumers. CBD can help you face the day and ease worries to keep you as healthy & happy as possible in tough times.

Nevertheless, washing hands frequently, limiting contact with others, and being conscious of touching your face is the key to staying healthy during this pandemic, however, taking care of yourself and keeping your stress levels low is vital for your wellbeing. Stay safe & healthy, and this too shall pass.

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