Essential Oils & CBD: Stress’s Nemesis

Ever wonder why the scent of certain essential oils calms your mind and boosts your mood almost instantly? Research shows that certain oils such as lavender and rose significantly can reduce anxiety if massaged into the skin or used as a hot compress to ease both pain and stress from daily life and reduce chronic anxiety as well. Keeping stress levels low reduces your risk of heart disease, weight gain along with prolonging your life span, regardless of age or gender.



Essential oils are found in many common household items such as lemons or herbs, however, concentrated oils available for purchase online or in stores across the nation intensify the benefits received. The best options to reduce anxiety are lavender, rose, jasmine and chamomile, these oils can be used in a multitude of ways that can be customized for your needs and lifestyle.



Self-massage or a massage by a friend, family member or loved one reduces anxiety by 50% if a massage routine is followed for 12 weeks, and anti-anxiety benefits remain for over double the massage period, 26 weeks, The Journal of Depression and Anxiety reported. By implementing essential oils into a CBD infused massage oil, or choosing a CBD infused massage oil with anxiety-relieving oils, the best being an infused lavender oil, three anxiety-reducing natural methods work together to provide the most intensive methods needed to ease even severe chronic anxiety. Furthermore, messages have been proven to reduce pain after exercising and improve muscle recovery, in a study done by Annals of Internal Medicine, people who received massages for pain saw a 40% recovery, either symptoms were eliminated or reduced significantly.


Also, by dabbing a bit essential oil on key points such as, back of the wrists and ears, on your neck or chest, you can multitask a natural perfume with anxiety relief that lasts the full day. In addition, when combined with a high-CBD salve, on the key points, CBD is integrated into your bloodstream and essential oil provides an additional effect that smells great! Keeping CBD capsules on hand or taking a capsule before stress occurs is a holistic method to keep stress levels minimal while avoiding pills and using methods that work for your body, not against it.

In conclusion, stress is a natural part of life and when times get tough, healthy and natural coping methods are the best route for long-term benefits and keeping your mind healthy allows your body to perform at its peak.

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