Daylight Savings Better With CBD

Daylight savings time is a turning point during the year where we either loose or gain an hour by turning our clocks back or forward, signifying the transition to winter or summer. While the latter change in time signifies summer and warmer days and longer nights, initially, it’s never fun to wake up an hour earlier to start your day, but there are a few methods you can implement into your lifestyle to make the transition as smooth as possible in a healthy way.

Our internal clocks dictate our sleeping habits when we eat and also can affect energy and productivity levels. While you might have only experienced “jet-lag” traveling, during daylight savings transitions, it can pose the same effect. Keeping in tune with your body and understanding that changes, even as small as an hour in time, can affect you in varying aspects.


Get Some Shut Eye

Falling asleep can be difficult when your internal clock is adjusting to time changes and the first few nights may be difficult to fall asleep in time to get the eight hours needed to be sharp and alert for the day. Studies show that taking a hot bath about ninety minutes before sleeping helps the pineal gland, a small gland that helps the body regulate hormones, produce melatonin by the hot water mimicking the core body temperature that produces natural melatonin in your body later at night. Try adding in a lavender Epsom salt to also receive benefits from linalool, a natural terpene that is found in lavender that promotes sleepiness and aids anxiety.


If You Need Help Waking Up

For many, a jolt of caffeine in the AM helps to start the day and boosts energy levels to crush your goals.  However, caffeine can cause anxiety when consumed at high levels and can also severely affect your sleeping schedule. However, CBD and caffeine are a match made in heaven. CBD minimizes caffeine jittery and anxious side effects with a boost in your mood while also working with the body to reduce inflammation that can occur from coffee’s low PH.

Too much caffeine may cause headaches and combined with CBD’s powerful natural ability to relieve pain, the symptoms from a few too many cups of coffee are reduced. CBD does degrade when exposed to 320 Fahrenheit or more, so taking a CBD capsule before your caffeinated drink of choice keeps your energy levels high and anxiety at a minimum!

Any transition, especially one that affects your everyday life, can be tough, by listening to your body and making healthy choices, you are able to overcome daylight savings and jetlag in a healthy way while avoiding sacrifices such as caffeine or proper sleep. The key to reaching your peak is creating a healthy lifestyle that works best for you.

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